Navigate your way through Lockdown 2.0

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So here we are again – lockdown round 2 ☹ Just when we were starting to adjust to a new normal World of Work (WOW!) having picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down, we’re now having to dig deep for yet more RESOLVE; yet more RESILIENCE; yet more RESISTANCE – to giving in and joining […]

Are you appropriately dressed?


I loved English at school – and I did very well in my O Levels (as they were called back then) in both English Language and English Literature. Perhaps that’s why, when I studied for my NLP Practitioner and then my NLP Masters, my favourite module of both programmes was LANGUAGE. They say WORDS paint […]

Millennials are from Mars & Baby Boomers are from Venus

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So, this week I came across a fascinating article by Steve Morrell of Contact Babel about the ‘perennial millennial customer service dilemma’ as he put it. In his White Paper, Steve articulately explains the challenges our frontline teams and leaders are faced with today, when a Generation Y’er contacts a call centre demanding service….and boy, […]

Do you mind holding Sir?

do you mind holding

Back in 2017 we took a look at the need for speed as a key driver in achieving brand loyalty through great customer experiences. At the time Forrester research ( indicated that the need for speed is a key driver in the ever-changing face of the customer service race for brand-loyalty. According to Forrester 73% […]

The ONE thing Donald Trump HAS got right!

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Well maybe not Trump himself, but his people have got something right for sure…. …and that’s the oodles of stories sprawled across the internet, of companies from across the pond delivering remarkable customer service in a truly unforgettable (or should I say ‘truly memorable’) way – and it seems, those service givers (and receivers) love […]

Why customer service emails are like a fine wine

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Let’s face it, we all know that, no matter how technologically advanced we become in this crazy AI world we live in, customers will ALWAYS want to interact with a real human being at some point, especially if their enquiry or query escalates into a ‘situation.’ And you & I also know that human interaction […]

Strictly speaking, are you an Ann Widdecombe or a Kelvin Fletcher?

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Running a successful customer service operation that’s frontlined by a top-notch team, whose prime focus is on ensuring a world-class 10/10 experience for its customers, is a lot like learning how to dance… Before you can Cha-Cha-Cha and Foxtrot your way around the dancefloor, you need to learn the steps. While there are exceptions to […]

Are you a Stretch Armstrong?


The man, the myth, the legend. For many, Stretch Armstrong still brings back many happy childhood memories Trying to see how far this large gel-filled, and quite frankly, tormented action figure would stretch was the name of the game. You only have to type Stretch Armstrong in on YouTube and you’ll find an array of […]

Our top 5, post-Covid, customer service tips

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The last 14 weeks have been a very strange and difficult time for practically every single person living through it – it’ll certainly make history that’s for sure. Although we aren’t completely out the other side, we are starting to see some normality thankfully. With pubs and salons reopening in the coming days and weeks, […]

State of our nation – and Brexit isn’t to blame!

state of our nation

Having had a few really positive and vibrant weeks, both professionally and personally, I’ve been brought down with a super huge bang these last couple of days, while preparing Marie’s Mumblings for this week’s blog…. Scouring through the World Wide Web (and other interesting artefacts) in the hope that I can share some more of […]

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