FIT Service Guarantee

We work with clients all over the UK, from large corporates to small businesses, across many sectors and with a diverse range of sales and customer service objectives and needs. We work to a set of key principles which underpin our training solutions and always aim to deliver on the same set of promises for each of our valued customers. The FIT Service Guarantee is summarised as follows;

Quality - We will:

  • Always ensure that the FIT Consultants selected to work with you have practical, relevant knowledge and experience so they are ideally placed to help you achieve your goals
  • Take time to better understand your business through the FIT Healthcheck so that we can contextualise the learning solutions for highest possible impact with your people.
  • Ensure the techniques and ideas we share with your telesales and service teams are immediately transferable into their day to day conversations with your customers so you can start to experience the benefits immediately.
  • Encourage input from all team members and managers to share ownership of the learning piece throughout the organisation.
  • “Tell it like it is”. We will always maintain an open and honest relationship with you, our customer, because we believe this is the best way to remove the barriers to your success.

Value - We will:

  • Guarantee a practical and and pragmatic approach to your learning & development needs and objectives. To quote one of our customers “FIT don’t waste time delivering strategy papers”. We adopt a sleeves-rolled-up practical approach to skills development and behaviour change that will create an immediate return on your training investment.
  • Maintain a flexible approach at all times that keeps the training relevant and adaptable to the wide range of challenges facing your teams and leaders.
  • Work with your Team Leader and Training communities to ensure the learning is integrated into your internal development programme from recruitment to coaching and mentoring thereby ensuring consistency and improved performance throughout your business as usual activities.
  • Help you develop a suite of performance tools and behaviours designed specifically to accurately measure the effectiveness of the training and the return on your investment.