Who doesn’t love Dolly Mixtures?


I absolutely LOVE Dolly Mixtures – always have, always will 💖 Which is a good job really, because when it comes to MIXTURES, we’re definitely top of the eclectic list here at First Impression Training Ltd. Over the 22.5 years since Team FIT launched, we’ve been blessed and privileged to partner a whole MIXTURE of […]

16 ways to say NO!

Hand no

MANAGING OUR TIME WITH DIFFERENT WAYS TO SAY “NO” Use the Tape Technique for positive ways to say NO!  Focus your conversation on the positives / the can do’s FIRST! 1. “Yes, I can certainly look at that for you, although it will have to be in (abc timeframe) once I’ve completed this (xyz deadline) […]

The modern word for UNCOOL – are you down with the kids?


At the risk of being out of touch and uncool we’re passionate about the spoken word, here at First Impression Training. Well, truth be told, I am the one who’s forever waxing lyrical about a beautiful piece of writing or the lyrics of a ballad or what someone has to say about something they’re wildly […]

How positive is YOUR Voice of Customer


I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to a very important piece of writing recently, compiled by freelance journalist Jennifer Lane on behalf of CX insight gurus, Feefo. We all know that Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback is a critical success factor in determining our CX standing in the marketplace, although Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) […]

Financial Services customers are now more vulnerable than ever before


The number of financial services customers that could be classed as ‘vulnerable’ increased 15% over the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK and now stands at 27.7 million, a recent survey by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found. The FCA undertook two surveys in 2020, and found the number of customers […]

KIND people live LONGER!

World Kindness Day was celebrated last Friday 13th November, as it is each year and although it is NOT currently a day affiliated with any religion or political movement, over 28 nations participate in this unofficial holiday and here at Team FIT, we believe it should be an EVERYDAY occurrence! KINDNESS is a human condition […]

Navigate your way through Lockdown 2.0

Thumbnail v2

So here we are again – lockdown round 2 ☹ Just when we were starting to adjust to a new normal World of Work (WOW!) having picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down, we’re now having to dig deep for yet more RESOLVE; yet more RESILIENCE; yet more RESISTANCE – to giving in and joining […]

Are you appropriately dressed?


I loved English at school – and I did very well in my O Levels (as they were called back then) in both English Language and English Literature. Perhaps that’s why, when I studied for my NLP Practitioner and then my NLP Masters, my favourite module of both programmes was LANGUAGE. They say WORDS paint […]

Millennials are from Mars & Baby Boomers are from Venus

mars venus

So, this week I came across a fascinating article by Steve Morrell of Contact Babel about the ‘perennial millennial customer service dilemma’ as he put it. In his White Paper, Steve articulately explains the challenges our frontline teams and leaders are faced with today, when a Generation Y’er contacts a call centre demanding service….and boy, […]

Do you mind holding Sir?

do you mind holding

Back in 2017 we took a look at the need for speed as a key driver in achieving brand loyalty through great customer experiences. At the time Forrester research (www.forrester.com) indicated that the need for speed is a key driver in the ever-changing face of the customer service race for brand-loyalty. According to Forrester 73% […]

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