The ONE thing Donald Trump HAS got right!

Well maybe not Trump himself, but his people have got something right for sure….

…and that’s the oodles of stories sprawled across the internet, of companies from across the pond delivering remarkable customer service in a truly unforgettable (or should I say ‘truly memorable’) way – and it seems, those service givers (and receivers) love to shout about it from the rooftops, making sure they show up, stand out and get heard over and above others in their field, to become that Purple Cow as we say here in FIT!

hat feedback.jpgWell I guess the Americans have never been backward from coming forward about their greatness, have they?

And, as we’ve been waxing lyrical about for some time now, it appears that, not even in the USA does good customer service need to be rocket science or OTT or anything really out of the ordinary to be remarkable.

Whilst completing my regular studies of the World Wide Web this week searching for interesting, &/or inspiring &/or intelligent stories about all things customer service which I can share with you, my loyal readers….I came across a fascinating article from detailing 10 stories of remarkable customer service, highlighting those businesses who really do ‘walk their walk’ when it comes to delivering the kind of service that wins a customer over for life and creates those raving fans we’re always talking about.

Unsurprisingly, all bar 1 of the 10 stories are about American companies delivering great customer service, proving that they’re definitely better at blowing their own trumpets than we shy retiring Brits are – and actions really do speak louder than words, don’t they?

Or as one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America (Benjamin Franklin) once said “well done is better than well said” and I have to agree – you’ve got to actually DO something to show up and stand out from others in your field when you operate in a competitive marketplace, because you can’t become that Purple Cow by magic you know!

I’ve swiped and deployed the article into a readable summary for you here 10 Remarkable Customer Service Stories.pdf so that you can learn the lessons from our Stateside friends (and a good ol’ fashioned English grocer called John James Sainsbury) who all tell of the ridiculous ease by which YOU too can ensure a Positive Memorable Experience for YOUR customers and prospects the next time YOU plan to show up and stand out from your competition….

Here are the headlines:

  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #1: Sainsbury’s Takes Advice from a 3-Year Old
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #2: Gaylord Opryland WOWs a Repeat Customer
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #3: Bungie Studios Creates a Holiday Miracle
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #4: Jim Shukys’ Auto Sweats the Small Stuff
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #5: A Lego Customer Service Rep Saves the Day
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #6: Trader Joe’s Delivers (Literally)
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #7: Morton’s Steakhouse is Full of Surprises
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #8: B. Dalton Bookseller Calls the Competition
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #9: United Airlines Delays Flight for Dying Mother
  • Remarkable Customer Service Story #10: Ritz-Carlton Helps with Joshie’s Extended Vacation

The recurring theme throughout these 10 good-news stories is the sublime ease by which you can make someone’s day and truly WOW your customers in an awesome way (mmm, good title for a book don’t you think!?) simply by being a GEM and Going the Extra Mile – although in many cases, it’s only a yard or even just an inch that’s needed to really enhance a customer’s experience and build brand loyalty.

In my new book ‘Make Their Day’, which in case you’ve not seen the hype on Social Media yet, is being officially launched this month, I share a whole ton of simple, straightforward tips, techniques and ideas for delivering remarkable customer service, helping you to show up and stand out like that Purple Cow I constantly talk about (only because that’s the ONLY way to truly WOW your customers – be more purple!)

I’m proud and thankful to Nigel Botterill, my kick-ass business mentor, for the amazing testament he gave me in his Foreword in the book, which highlights the importance of all those small things which can make such a BIG difference to your customer’s experience, when you realise that it’s not what you SAY or even what you DO for a customer that makes for a great service experience – it’s about how you make people FEEL.

And the amazing stories in this week’s blog tell of the ridiculous ease by which these 10 legendary service providers have separated themselves from their competition, just by making their customers FEEL great about the service they’ve received – as the meerkat would say…s.imples!

So, if the Americans can do it, so can we – let’s go ‘trump’ them with some even better feel-good stories of great customer service this week shall we? Remember, it ‘aint rocket science!

In the meantime – keep FIT!

Best regs
Marie X

PS. Here’s the link again to those 10 great customer service stories 10 Remarkable Customer Service Stories.pdf

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