Telesales Teams

Bespoke telephone training for inbound and outbound telesales teams

Telesales remains one of the most productive and cost-effective methods of reaching new clients for many businesses – but only if you have properly trained people representing your brand at the other end of the ‘phone!

Our trainers have all walked their talk in the telesales and telemarketing environments, so we know exactly what it takes to chase a cold or warm lead and convert it into bottom line results! We know that, in order to transact business i.e. convert the lead or sell the product, we have to develop positive relationships first, because people buy people before they buy what you’re offering them.

This ‘selling through service’ approach – the only way to effectively promote your products and services in today’s competitive marketplace - is what sets switched on, savvy telemarketers apart from the rest. And we should know, because we really have been there, done it and got the t-shirts!