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Whether you’re part of a large multi-channel call or contact centre operation or a small customer service team, we know that you’ll have only one thing in common – you’ll all be different! So you can be totally assured that here at First Impression Training we won’t attempt to treat you all the same!

Take a look at our areas of specialism below to find the one you’d be most interested in finding out a little more about. We’re very proud and passionate about the experience we have to share, having truly been there and done it and having helped and supported CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAMS, TELESALES EXECS, FRONTLINE LEADERS and TRAINERS & COACHES from across the spectrum of industry – so we’d love the opportunity to explore how we may help and support YOU too.

We can help you make positive, sustainable change in the following areas of your business:

Customer Service Teams

Empower your people to deliver great customer service and become true Brand Ambassadors on your frontline

Telesales Teams

Enhance the skills, behaviours and performance of your inbound or outbound telesales teams

Team Leaders

Develop your Team Leaders & Managers to become the driving force in your frontline operation

Trainers & Coaches

Build on the knowledge and skills of your Trainers & Coaches to guarantee your long-term success and return on investment

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Click on your area of interest to find out more and read about some of our clients success stories – and then let us help YOU stay FIT for business too!

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Make Their Day

“Packed full of great advice”

“I’ve just read your book from cover to cover – congratulations! It’s packed full of great advice. A must read for customer service professionals, but everything in there is equally applicable to life in general, so it’s a great read for everyone!”

Susie Lotherington

Make Their Day

“Entirely Different Level”

Do you really know how to treat your customers? You may think you do but Marie Cross takes it to an entirely different level in this book. There are lots of golden nuggets on how to not only please your customers but REALLY make their day. This is based on years of experience that Marie has in training front line staff at some of the most customer-focused organisations. Read this book if you want to deliver stellar customer service!

Aarif Merali

Make Their Day

“Stand Out From the Crowd”

Many businesses essentially offer the same products and services as their competitors, and it’s the way you make your customers feel that makes them come back to you. This book is the perfect way to make sure you know what to do in your business to stand out from the crowd. Lots of ideas and techniques are clearly explained so you can consider and implement each in turn. Thoroughly recommended!

Liz Baranov

Make Their Day

“Must Read Book”

I’ve just finished reading this excellent book by Marie Cross. This is a ‘must read’ for anyone who has a role in communicating with customers (via the telephone or face to face). An easy to read book given many fantastic tips to, not only WOWing your customers but making your role more satisfying and enjoyable.

Sue Morris

Make Their Day

“A Game-Changer!”

I recently had the pleasure of reading “Make their day – Awesome Ways to Wow Your Customers”, by the wonderful Marie Cross, and I must say, it’s a game-changer for anyone in a customer-centric role. ✨

One of the aspects I particularly liked about the book is its wealth of practical examples that can be easily applied in real-world scenarios.

As Marie would say: “It ain’t rocket science, you know!” By putting yourself in the customer’s shoes, you can better anticipate their needs and exceed their expectations.

Milana Ciric

Great News For Frontline Teams & Leaders

84% OF most customer buying decisions are entirely EMOTIONAL…

Appeal to those emotions and discover how you can turn satisfied customers into real raving fans who’ll keep coming back, spend more and recommend you to others.

great news

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