Who doesn’t love Dolly Mixtures?

I absolutely LOVE Dolly Mixtures – always have, always will 💖

Which is a good job really, because when it comes to MIXTURES, we’re definitely top of the eclectic list here at First Impression Training Ltd.

Over the 22.5 years since Team FIT launched, we’ve been blessed and privileged to partner a whole MIXTURE of organisations…
– From the large blue-chips such as Bupa UK, Fujifilm and AXA.
– To public sector companies like Haringey Council, Black Country Housing and the NHS.
– Through to the SME market inc. the Entrepreneurs Circle, the Light Aircraft Association and several Children’s Day Nurseries.

It makes for an incredibly diverse and brilliantly colourful working life, when at the start of the week I find myself working in the most idyllic location on the planet, looking out onto a private airfield, with endless green fields surrounding me, and a beautiful lake with all sorts of gorgeous wildlife inhabiting there….

To being inside one of the most awesome buildings in the whole wide world, a few years in the making – a wonderful Japanese feel to the entire place, which I guess makes sense given my client is Japanese-owned….

Through to ending the week, feeling no less blessed or privileged I must add, working with what has to be one of our most heart-centred, business-minded, customer-centric, social businesses (a Housing Association) EVER!  Shadowing Brand Ambassadors out in the field, visiting customers’ homes in order to carry out property repairs &/or gas safety checks and seeing and hearing and sensing it all from both the employee’s experience AND the customer’s experience.

A real eye-opener and a fantastic piece of insight, as part of our FIT Healthcheck & Development Needs Audit (DNA) process, helping us to build a uniquely-tailored training & development programme that totally matches the needs of our clients frontline staff (whatever role they play) AND fulfills the aims & objectives of the business’s CX & EX strategy for 2023-2024.

What’s most wonderful about this DOLLY-MIXTURE type of week we’ve had ISN’T that we’ve been here, there and everywhere, from living it up in the most exquisite of places, to humbly being welcomed into a customer’s living room and being offered a cuppa, while their annual gas check is carried out…No! What’s FAR more wonderful than that, is that these clients (all such a MIXTURE of business-types, from the huge corporate to the social landlord) all have ONE thing in common….they’re all passionate about their Customers’ Experience BUT….. and I use the ‘B’ word purposefully here – Behold the Underlying Truth…..they KNOW that to enhance their customers’ experience, in order to show up & stand out from others in their field i.e. become that Purple Cow, they first have to focus on ways to enhance their Employees’ Experience, because happy staff = happy customers, right?

And happy customers = a happy (and financially healthy) business – FACT!

In fact, according to Emmet & Mark Murphy of Leading on the Edge of Chaos, a 2% increase in customer retention has the same effect as decreasing costs by 10%, proving it really does PAY to care – for your customers AND your colleagues!

I’ve got a new keynote for H2 of 2023/24, all about the Purple Cow & the Green Goldfish Philosophy, which explains how, by focusing on BOTH your CX & EX strategy in the future, you’ll not only enhance your customers’ AND employees’ experience of your business, you’ll increase brand loyalty of both, improve customer (and employee) retention AND most importantly, will grow your business NOT by making more sales, but by enhancing your service culture!

Great service GROWS revenues MUCH more easily than great salesmanship!

If you’re interested to find out more about my new keynote “The Purple Cow & The Green Goldfish – the CX & EX Winning Combo” &/or you’d like me to speak about this vital and exciting topic at your next company get-together, to inject some of that fire into your frontline staff’s belly, then please get in touch:
Call me on 07713 626 011
Or call my lovely reception team on 01622 761 321
Or DM me here on LinkedIn
Or visit my website & request a virtual coffee www.firstimpressiontraining.co.uk

Look forward to catching up soon….

In the meantime – keep FIT!

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