How to kick the procrastination habit – Part 2

Procrastination collage

In our last FIT Matters blog, I admitted to you that if there were an award for Best Procrastinator of the Century, I’d win hands down!  If I can put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today, then sure as night follows day, I’m a procrastination dead cert to bet on 👍 […]

Stop that procrastination thief!


Procrastination is the thief of time, they say. If there were an award for Best Procrastinator of the Century, I’d win hands down! Seriously, if I can put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today, then sure as night follows day, I’m a dead cert to bet on 👍 It is said […]

Time flies – whether you’re having fun or not!


This week, I’ve been reminded (yet again) that there’s no time like the present – time flies and life is indeed a present, a precious gift, if you choose to savour every minute of the time you have, as this beautiful story at the end of today’s blog confirms. We know that time waits for […]

Financial Services customers are now more vulnerable than ever before


The number of financial services customers that could be classed as ‘vulnerable’ increased 15% over the initial months of the Covid-19 pandemic in the UK and now stands at 27.7 million, a recent survey by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has found. The FCA undertook two surveys in 2020, and found the number of customers […]

KIND people live LONGER!

World Kindness Day was celebrated last Friday 13th November, as it is each year and although it is NOT currently a day affiliated with any religion or political movement, over 28 nations participate in this unofficial holiday and here at Team FIT, we believe it should be an EVERYDAY occurrence! KINDNESS is a human condition […]

Navigate your way through Lockdown 2.0

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So here we are again – lockdown round 2 ☹ Just when we were starting to adjust to a new normal World of Work (WOW!) having picked ourselves up and dusted ourselves down, we’re now having to dig deep for yet more RESOLVE; yet more RESILIENCE; yet more RESISTANCE – to giving in and joining […]

Are you appropriately dressed?


I loved English at school – and I did very well in my O Levels (as they were called back then) in both English Language and English Literature. Perhaps that’s why, when I studied for my NLP Practitioner and then my NLP Masters, my favourite module of both programmes was LANGUAGE. They say WORDS paint […]

Stop staring at the ceiling!

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So last week saw our little (and not so little) ones head back to school, for the first time since lockdown back in March – and it’s been a rather emotional, bumpy ride for some of them (and us) hasn’t it? Still, children and chadults (the in-betweeners) are far more resilient than we often give […]

Q&A 60 second ice breaker

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We’ve had a ball this last week with our lovely VIP client – and we’re all set to have another one this week, when we continue with the re-launch of a culture change programme we began with them at the start of this year and alas, a global pandemic put paid to our progress for […]

Working remotely during the Covid Pandemic – 6 Golden Rules to follow


This week I’m going to be short and sweet (aren’t I always ). Seems that the home working craze is starting to wane a little – perhaps it’s not quite the panacea we thought it might be with many starting to feel a little frayed around the edges.  So hopefully this week’s FIT Matters will help rebalance […]

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