Robin Sharma’s 50 New Rules of Work


You know what a sucker I am for a guru – especially a personal development guru and my new BBF is Robin Sharma, who I spoke about a few FIT Matters ago, in my Tale of Two Titans Part II blog. Best known for his international best-seller ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’ book series […]

Are you the Eagle or the Crow?


Today I’m going to speak ONLY of the GOOD NEWS that’s out there and I’m going to SHUN the naysayers & the mood-hoovers. I’m going to CELEBRATE all that’s good in my life (and yours) right now and I’m going to SHOUT IT FROM THE ROOFTOPS – why? Because we all know that ATTITUDES ARE […]

Are YOU playing by the Leaders Rule Book?

Rule Book

  In last week’s FIT Matters (a Tale of Two Titans Part II), I shared the insights of the guru that is Robin Sharma, author of ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, ‘The leader Who Had No Title’ and ‘The 5am Club’. Robin has been rated one of the top 5 leadership experts in the […]

A tale of two Titans – Part 2


Just as I said last week about Tony Robbins, if you’ve never heard of Robin Sharma, the other guru I want to talk about today to conclude my Tale of Two Titans, then chances are – you’re not going to be overly interested in this week’s FIT Matters either. Robin’s story is an equally fascinating […]

You DON’T have to be great to get started


…although you DO have to get started to be great! The New Year hasn’t started quite as we’d planned (and boy have we planned), because while David’s COVID-19 test returned negative yesterday, he does have a rather bizarre viral infection which has left him totally wiped out and so it seems, I shall march boldly […]

KIND people live LONGER!

World Kindness Day was celebrated last Friday 13th November, as it is each year and although it is NOT currently a day affiliated with any religion or political movement, over 28 nations participate in this unofficial holiday and here at Team FIT, we believe it should be an EVERYDAY occurrence! KINDNESS is a human condition […]

Are you as resilient as Rob’s Trunki?

trunki terrance trunki

I’m entering my 2nd week in quarantine, having spent 10 glorious days at my sister’s place in Spain, lapping up the sun’s rays; enjoying some scrummy tapas; drinking sangria and wandering along the beautiful beaches of Caceres, Sotogrande and Marbella… A-M-A-Z–I-N-G! I had a shed-load of R&R while I was there and David and I […]

Klopp would NEVER put his fans before his players – and neither should YOU!

Putting your customers’ needs before your employees needs is BONKERS, right? I mean, a football manager would NEVER put his fans’ physical or emotional wellbeing ahead of their players, would they? Any half decent football manager knows that their player’s needs and requirements have to take priority, if their players are going to fulfil the […]

You CAN have your cake and eat it too!

cake 3946227 1920

I watched a fascinating vodcast on the BBC Ideas site last week, by author & podcaster Bruce Daisley, all about the role of the office moving forward and whether office life, such as that which existed in the classic call centre environment pre-lockdown, would ever be the same again once this pandemic is history and […]

It’s not just the gardening industry that’s blossoming!

arrows 311332 1280

In last week’s FIT Matters, we took a look at some of the industries that appear to have blossomed and boomed as a direct result of this unprecedented pandemic the world has experienced over the last 6 months – and there’s even been shiny new sectors that have emerged out of nowhere, such as the […]

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