Why customer service emails are like a fine wine

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Let’s face it, we all know that, no matter how technologically advanced we become in this crazy AI world we live in, customers will ALWAYS want to interact with a real human being at some point, especially if their enquiry or query escalates into a ‘situation.’ And you & I also know that human interaction […]

Are you a Stretch Armstrong?


The man, the myth, the legend. For many, Stretch Armstrong still brings back many happy childhood memories Trying to see how far this large gel-filled, and quite frankly, tormented action figure would stretch was the name of the game. You only have to type Stretch Armstrong in on YouTube and you’ll find an array of […]

FIT Comes of Age on Valentines Day


We’re feeling incredibly emotional this morning, in more ways than one, although all of these emotions are happy and positive ones because….. 18 years ago on 14th Feb 2001, we launched our beautiful little company, First Impression Training Ltd and today, after a journey of relentless hard-slog, sweat and (many) tears, we have finally come […]

Hello from the FIT Apprentice


On Monday 4th January 2016, at the start of a brand New Year, the FIT Team moved into their brand new, fresh-as-a-daisy offices in Lordswood, Kent. New desks, new chairs, new desktops, new office supplies, a new FIT Apprentice (moi)! So what could possibly go wrong!? Ah well…… The first major hiccup on our very […]

That’s enough about me – what do you think about me?

we me

Ok, I’m going to self-indulge for a moment this week and I hope you stick with me, because this week’s blog really does have something for YOU too, if you just read on for the next 2 minutes or so.. They say people will never rise above their own opinion of themselves and sadly, even […]

The dishes won’t wash themselves!

the dishes

It’s not very often that I feel the need to “call-out” individual organisations for their poor efforts around customer journey but this is one of those times. This is our personal story so I can vouch for each blow-by-blow stage of this unhappy tale which started back in April of this year when we purchased […]

My Husband (and Business Partner) Left Me on Valentines Day

my husband

I’m writing this week’s FIT Bits on the evening of Valentine’s Day – sitting on my lonesome in the office, feeling very sorry for myself and a little unloved to say the least. My husband (who, as many of you know, is also my business partner) has deserted me, or rather chosen to spend the […]

We’re recruiting…very special trainer required


You know what we’re all about here at FIT – we’re passionate (some say obsessed) about peoples’ potential! Our team of talented consultants have all truly walked their talk, from entry level upwards within the call & contact centre industry and their collective experience spans over a hundred years – so the team really do […]

I’m Tearing My Hair Out!

tearing my hair out

I’ve just been on hold to the tax office for the last thirty five minutes and I have been inspired to write a blog. I know that my “call is important” to them and that “all operatives are helping other people”, but I really, really, really want to get my problem sorted. It’s my money! […]

Ladies and Gents – a round of applause for our new apprentice

apprentice board

The FIT team have just got a little bigger (no, not by eating too many mince pies at Christmas!) but by hiring their new Apprentice… ..which is me! My name is Ellyse, I’m 16 and I am from Detling, near Maidstone in Kent. I am ecstatic to be David and Marie’s Apprentice – already I […]