Hello from the FIT Apprentice

On Monday 4th January 2016, at the start of a brand New Year, the FIT Team moved into their brand new, fresh-as-a-daisy offices in Lordswood, Kent.

New desks, new chairs, new desktops, new office supplies, a new FIT Apprentice (moi)!

So what could possibly go wrong!?

Ah well……

The first major hiccup on our very first day in our new home was that we couldn’t connect to any WiFi – which drove us all doolally as you can imagine. However eventually, after that first day dragged on, we finally got given a new router, so we were happy bunnies again, ready to rock ‘n’ roll.

Ah how the Internet can make we business peeps sooooo happy these days!

We then had a huge order arrive on day 2 from a very conveniently situated office supplier (they’re our new next door neighbours!) and who would have thought it – we bumped into an old friend of ours called Mark, who used to do all our printing and photocopying back in the early days!

We were so pleased to see him again – especially as back at base, we weren’t seeing much else, with a faulty router, having a mind of its own (well actually, a button of its own) that just decided to pop out and close us down every now and then and STILL no internet – amazing right, in this day and age!?

So finally, our all important wall planner got delivered…..

As Marie and I planned what colour-coding we’d use for each member of the FIT team, we made the discovery that the pen we’d been supplied with actually wasn’t the correct pen for the planner, as it smudged horribly every time we tried to write on it, Grrrrrrr……

Then, guess what? Our new printer cupboard arrived – and it’s MUCH smaller than we had anticipated, so we spent the next hour trying to find a way to get all the stationary into it!

By this point in the week, we’re all starting to get a little sense of humour failure – especially when the lovely new water cooler arrives (very posh) with NO water to accompany it! We’re assured it’s following shortly…..we’ve yet to see sight of it!

Please don’t get me started on FIT’s favourite topic – customer service – otherwise we’ll both be here all day waxing lyrical about the state of the nation as a result of shoddy customer service in this country.

However **drum roll** I’m pleased to say that we finished the week finally feeling settled, happily murmuring ‘home sweet home’ and giggling at the events of the week over a cuppa with our very own Lead Consultant, Maggie Colman, who’d come to suss out the new gaff and claim her spot in FITs HQ, bringing with her a little new home pressie for the office – a fabulous silver telephone ornament.

AND she also bought the funniest (yet very beautiful) pressie for Marie and David – a PEACE LILY – as a sign they’re not to argue in front of me when they’re both in the office at the same time (which we’re hoping will not be very often, ‘coz it could be ME having to break up the pair if there are handbags at dawn at any time) AND I’m only sweet sixteen – yes, seriously!

So as our 2nd week draws to a close and a brand new week starts to unfold, here’s to a few less hectic moments and a bit more ‘peace’ this next week!

Hope YOUR week runs as smoothly as OURS is planning to be in week 3 of 2016!

Until next time…….keep FIT!
By Ellyse, the FIT Apprentice

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