First Impression Training is quoted as being a “Success Story” in January 2013

08 April 2013

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We all know the old adage that when times get tough, the tough get going – and that’s exactly what we’ve done here at First Impression Training!

And our hard-graft hasn’t gone unnoticed of late – we were quoted as being one of Nigel Botterill’s Entrepreneurs Circle members’ success stories on 31st January 2013!

Proud as punch to be on the Success Stories page of his website, outlining our journey.

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It’s no secret that the training industry has taken a fair beating over the last few years, what with the recession and the fact that many companies have cut back to the bone, thinking that it would be a smart business move to shelve the need to continually develop their people in order to enhance their customers experience.

Well in the words of Pretty Woman that’s a “big mistake..…huge!” because it’s at times like these when we need to do all we can to develop our only real USP because they truly are the ONLY difference that makes the difference to winning or losing customers when times get tough!

Thankfully, we’ve always worked with companies who have thought very differently, almost diametrically opposite to these neggie, fearful doubters who think money should be spent on other less vital assets during these challenging times (crazy I know – what could be more vital than investing in the only true USP of your business?).

So we’ve been working flat out to learn and implement strategies that ensure we not only survive the storm but positively thrive in its torrent, by helping our customers make the most of what they’ve got , maximising the potential of the talent that remains and enhancing employee and customer satisfaction at the same time!

We’re all set to have our best year yet in First Impression Training – and we’ve not skimped on ANYTHING to ensure that we continue to deliver great value, great service and great training to our clients’ staff – assuring them we’re all MAD (Making A Difference) in the process, with the very people who truly ARE the difference that makes the difference!

We are living proof that this old adage is oh so true “there is only one place where success comes before work – and that’s in a dictionary!”