Equiniti Plc

The Need

To build a customer-centric culture on Equiniti’s Frontline, where Brand Ambassadors hold the customer at the heart of everything they say and do.

Create a clear and consistent Voice of the Brand, in order to positively communicate Equiniti’s brand values and so enhance Advocacy on the Frontline.

Make it easy for customers to do business with Equiniti, by reducing Customer Effort and ensuring a straightforward and consistent approach to every conversation.

Become far more proactive and personable in the handling of informal and formal complaints from the outset – developing a Best Practice approach that aligns with the Customer Journey and improves efficiencies (call centre metrics – FTR / CWT/ABN rates etc) at the same time.

To develop the skills and behaviours of the Team Leader / Management community and create role models who lead, motivate and develop their people, increase agent performance and develop Customer Advocacy.

The Solution

The Implementation Plan

Each workshop was delivered in groups of 10, with tasking in-between the 2 modules, supported by Line Managers. Each delegate received a ‘live’ coaching session post workshop and a daily e-alert for 21 days,

about a specific ‘FIT tip’ they were to focus on that day, as a memory jog of the learning they’d experienced.  To ensure the learning was continually living & breathing back in the live environment, a variety of visual management tools were used around the centre to help create the motivational climate and embed the new culture.

Team Leaders and FIT Champions completed a FIT coaching accreditation, to ensure everyone received ongoing ‘live’ coaching, alongside regular call-quality monitoring & 1:1s and customer satisfaction tele-surveys, measuring improvements in agent performance & customer satisfaction.

Customer Experience Training: Journey to Service Excellence

FIT workshops are set in an Accelerated Learning environment to ensure a stimulating learner experience (colourful visuals, scented pens, sweets & fruit, music and training toys) designed to create a learning experience that’s both educational and FUN!

Highly experiential and delegate-focused, the training focused on changing mindsets and behaviours to help every Brand Ambassador recognise the vital role they play. Delegates were given a customer service toolkit of practical tips, techniques and ideas, using real-case scenarios, in order to contextualise the learning.  The workshop also covered critical communication skills including effective questioning, active listening and rapport-skills, and simple NLP strategies to manage difficult conversation, to help learners develop emotional intelligence, in order to enhance their customer’s experience.

The Results

The Transformational Impact

– 97% of frontline staff trained

– 63 coaches accredited

– 6,688 hours of frontline training & coaching delivered

– 97% rated workshops ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very Good’

– FITs ‘Language of Influence’ module introduced into Speech Analytics tool

– 8 point rise in Net Promoter Score

– 1.5% increase in Customer Satisfaction

– 2% improvement in Customer Effort Score

– Significant improvements in employee engagement, evidenced in a 40% reduction in sickness & absenteeism

Added Value Benefits

– Recruitment, training & accreditation of 10 FIT Champions

– Ergonomic environment improved to reinforce a positive learning culture

– SLA improved from 66% to 87% despite average handling time (AHT) increasing

– Results of employee engagement survey saw improvements in staff motivation and morale, staff feeling valued being given “better training” and increased positivity at work

– Improved communication with internal customers who participated in the programme

– A welcomed spotlight on the Customer Experience Centre from across Equiniti, which has created a real sense of pride and loyalty on the frontline


“It all makes so much sense and there’s plenty for everyone to choose from – just those little things will make a massive difference!  I KNOW it works and the training room opens up peoples passion and empowers them to know THEY can make the difference”.  

C.Harris (Customer Resolution Manager)

“I believed that this programme could make a difference.  I am now convinced that it will change our DNA forever”.  

M.Taylor (Chief Customer Officer)

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