We’re recruiting…very special trainer required

You know what we’re all about here at FIT – we’re passionate (some say obsessed) about peoples’ potential! Our team of talented consultants have all truly walked their talk, from entry level upwards within the call & contact centre industry and their collective experience spans over a hundred years – so the team really do understand the challenges and opportunities that exist in today’s frontline operations!

We’re very proud of the reputation we’ve built since our launch on Valentine’s day 2001 and the loyalty we’ve developed with our clients in the last 15.5 years has been awesome – to the point where we’ve had to do very little marketing to attract new clients, because our lovely customers have kept recommending us to others! And while we’ll remain eternally grateful to those clients, which include some of the giants of British industry – AXA PLC, FujiFilm, Kuoni Travel, Legal & General, NHS Trusts (Northwest London, Nottingham & Surrey) and Principality Building Society to name a few, we do recognise that, if we’re to fulfil our vision of developing every frontliner to enhance every customer’s experience of the organisation they represent, then we need to step things up a notch.

In a way, we’ve kind of become victims of our own success so in the last 12 months, we’ve been on an exciting mission to dramatically scale the business; to proactively market ourselves so that we’re no longer “the best kept secret in the marketplace” (as one of our VIP clients described us) but to start shouting from the rooftops what we’re all about – to let the world know that we really do know what it takes to create a true Brand Ambassador on your frontline in order to improve Agent performance and enhance your customers’ experience.


So now we’re really moving into the big boys playground – and we’re looking for a very very special individual to join the FIT payroll and help us make that transition.

What we’re NOT looking for…

  • You definitely won’t be your run of the mill L&D specialist
  • You definitely won’t have been delivering off-the-shelf courses on a Heinz 57 range of subjects
  • You definitely won’t have sat (or stood) complacently in a traditional training role (or room), spewing out the same old material from the same old text book, expecting to light the fire of every new starter who enters your classroom

What we ARE looking for…

  • You definitely will have walked your talk and know the call / contact centre frontline environment like the back of your hand
  • You definitely will have a passion / obsession for developing frontline talent, in order to enhance customer experiences and increase performance and results
  • You definitely will have a much keener interest in making others shine and stand out from the crowd, than making yourself look good and finding ways to line your own pocket!
  • You definitely will have been experiencing a sense of frustration, or perhaps a feeling of wanting, or maybe even a knowing that you’re capable of doing, being and having so much more than you’re experiencing in your current role right now

So, if any of the above is resonating with you, then we’d like to hear from you!

For those reading this message who know us well, you’ll know how high our standards are – you’ll know just how special the person will be who we’re looking for – and you’ll also know that our expectations are incredibly high, so you’ll definitely know whether or not you’re the right person to pick up the ‘phone to us and find out what’s happening next…….

If our communication with you ends here, thank you so much for reading. If there’s an opportunity to talk some more with you, then we look forward to hearing from you very very soon.

Deadline for securing your place at the assessment day (inc panel presentation) is 31st July 2016

Call David Cross or Marie Cross on 01622 761 321 or email fit@calltraining.co.uk

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