We’re at a Crossroads – Where Do We Go From Here?

Ever had one of those “crossroads” moments – I don’t mean the Midlands Motel type with Meg Mortimer, Benny and Sandy delivering rubbish dialogue against an even worse background set (remember how the walls wobbled when the doors were closed) – no, not that type of crossroads! (Now, I appreciate that younger readers may not have the foggiest idea what I’m talking about so, to bring them up to speed, you can find out all about this iconic soap opera by visiting the Crossroads Appreciation Society (yes, there is such a thing) at www.crossroadsmotel.co.uk).

So, whilst the rest of us wait for the youngsters to catch up, I should explain the “crossroads” I’m actually referring to. As many of you will know the FIT team have focused on delivering cultural and change management projects to large and medium-sized businesses alike and we’ve developed an enviable reputation for creating hands-on behavioural change in customer service and sales frontline teams across the UK.

Outstanding sales and service conversations are our passion (some say obsession) and our continued success has been largely based on our highly pragmatic FIT Model of Success that takes agents and their managers though a systematic learning and support programme to achieve truly remarkable results.

Well we’ve started to adapt and improve this successful model which is our real “crossroads” moment and we’ve done it by launching our very first online learning solution called the Ultimate Customer Service Training Programme (UCSTP) -catchy isn’t it?

For some time now we’ve been acutely aware that our ability to add real value to smaller sales and service operations has been, er…somewhat limited. That’s exactly why this new high-impact, outstanding value online learning solution brings world-class service to an entirely new range of industries and business types – hairdressers, tanning salons, day nurseries, blind companies, maths tutors are great examples of customers already using this programme to delight their customers and turn them into RAVING FANS with a strong emotional connection to their businesses. Those customers are then returning to repeat the experience and spend more and, invariably, recommending these providers to others who, in turn, also become BRAND LOYAL. Their customer base grows and so does their BOTTOM LINE – simple!

Well now it’s your turn! The UCSTP is bursting with 1% ideas, hints and tips guaranteed to make a 100% difference to YOUR customers experience so that YOU and YOUR STAFF are able to SHOW UP and STAND OUT like no-one else can or will!

We’re really excited about the positive impact this is going to have on so many businesses and invite you to find out more by watching our video at https://www.firstimpressiontraining.co.uk/online-learning from where you can either sign-up immediately (taking full advantage of our 90 day money back guarantee if you don’t think it’s right for you or your business) or take the FREE PREVIEW where we’ll share a quick peek behind the scenes with a free module of your very own.

The full programme contains 21 modules covering a huge range of topics including;
• Attitude – the vital ingredient
• Developing a language of influence
• Managing difficult conversations
• Vocal power – the key ingredients of vocal communication
• Building and keeping rapport
• Questioning skills and probing techniques
• Written word communication – the 10 golden rules of netiquette
…..and loads more.

It comes complete with your very own starter pack including a 62 page workbook packed full of exercises and examples designed to help you make an IMMEDIATE and positive difference to the impact you have with your customers.
Don’t think you’re alone either – all new members are invited to join our EXCLUSIVE FACEBOOK GROUP where you can share your ideas, ask questions and receive all the support you need from the FIT team to help you become the very best brand ambassador for your business.

We’ve already got a wide range of members on board including beauty and tanning salons, hairdressers, childrens day nurseries, blind companies, maths tutors …….in fact one customer recently told us “I’ve learned more in this programme than I did during my entire apprenticeship”.

That’s why we’re so confident you’re going to love this programme we’ve added our “no-quibble” 90 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. That’s right – your money back if you don’t think this programme will help you deliver the real customer WOW’s you need in your business.

So, if you’re happy providing ordinary, unremarkable customer service then this programme definitely isn’t for you – we’ll see everybody else on the other side!

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