We love Accelerated Learning

As our lovely clients know, we’re big fans of Accelerated Learning here at First Impression Training, so we set out to stimulate every sense throughout the learning experience, to ensure every learner gets the maximum benefit from it.

So our training rooms are set up in such a way that the 5 senses are used to maximum effect:

  1. Lots of colour (luminous post-it notes, brightly coloured motivational quotes around the room, colourful ‘toys’) to appeal to our sense of sight.
  2. Carefully chosen music playing as our learners come in & out of the training room (Happy Songs, Feel Good Songs, NLP music) to appeal to our sense of sound.
  3. Beautifully scented flip-chart pens, which we get learners to ‘sniff’ & guess the scent at the start of the day as they complete their name cards, to appeal to our sense of smell.
  4. Lots of sweeties, chocolate and fruit (to ensure a healthy option is available) spread out on the table, to appeal to our sense of taste.
  5. An awesome selection of stimulating training toys (koosh balls, bendy men, twizzlers, stress balls) to appeal to our sense of touch.
  6. And FIT’s world famous “BonBon Box” – a selection of prizes that our learners get to dip into whenever they win an activity or icebreaker, answer a question correctly or come up with a bright idea, which is full of all sorts of prezzies designed to stimulate one or more of the 5 senses!
  7. And finally, in every client training room, we have our equally renowned Chill Table – a selection of fascinating stories, books, brain teasers, games, activities (juggling balls, bell ringing, skipping ropes) that our learners can visit in-between the training sessions, ensuring once again, that every sense is being stimulated throughout the learning experience!

And here, to prove it, is the very clever Lizzie, a Travel Experience Specialist at CV Villas, having visited the Chill Table a few times during her FIT Training these last 2 weeks, completing THE world’s toughest puzzle challenge – the very FIRST person to do so in the FIT training room!


You can imagine just how many of Lizzie’s senses were stimulated when she completed this tough puzzle challenge and claimed her prize from the Bon-Bon Box!

This is Accelerated Learning (AL) at its absolute best – seeing our learners full of pride and joy and motivation to get back to their desks and accelerate their success in the Frontline, as a direct result of their AL experience in the training room.

As we always say folks, this stuff ain’t rocket science….develop your people to enhance your customers’ experience, by providing them with stimulating, motivational, fun and educational opportunities to become EVEN BETTER than they are already – and giving them training to become even more successful than they are already, within an AL setting, enables them to achieve exactly that.

Now go get those senses stimulated – and then see, hear, feel, taste and touch the success it brings to your frontline!

Until next time – keep FIT!

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