The Science of Hope and the Secret to Bouncing Back

The Science of Hope (yes, it IS a science apparently) states that HOPE is about having a steadfast belief in the possibility that things can change, no matter how dire or desperate things may seem in the present moment.

Hope gives us the will to keep moving forward.

Hope gives us resilience to hang on in there.

Hope keeps us focused and optimistic and positive that there is a better tomorrow on its way.

Hope is everything to those who have nothing.

We can all defy the odds – there are stories of miracles happening every day, but we have to remain hopeful.  How hopeful are you feeling right now?

Well, my level of HOPE skyrocketed at 8pm on Sunday evening when I settled down to watch the movie Unsinkable – the Secret to Bouncing Back, brought to us by the formidable Sonia Ricotti, CEO of Lead Out Loud and bestselling author of Unsinkable: How to Bounce Back Quickly When Life Knocks You Down, as well as The Law of Attraction: Plain and Simple.  You can check out her work here   Sonia is a world leader in personal transformation, a motivational speaker and is known around the world as the ‘bounce back’ expert.  She’s done an awesome job of bringing together some of the Greats of all time to star in the movie…greats, in terms of Law of Attraction Masters that is – like Bob Proctor, Lisa Nicholls, John Assaraf and Jack Canfield.

I reserved my ticket to the movie (which was free by the way ) immediately I received the notice that it was airing from 2pm BST and there were going to be 3 showings of the movie that day, with limited seats into the theatre, so I booked for the 8pm show.  If you’ve ever seen The Secret (and if you haven’t, why the hell haven’t you!?) then you’ll be familiar with the philosophies of the Law of Attraction (LOA) and the Power of Positive Thinking, although Unsinkable goes beyond these trusted principles and in essence, focuses on the 3 key steps to moving LOA forward and Bouncing Back:

1. Re-programme your CONSCIOUS MIND

You know the saying “penny for your thoughts?” Well, they’re worth waaaaay more than that, because when you understand the impact that your thinking has on every aspect of your life (from the inside out) then learning to change your thoughts is absolutely priceless!  We’re asked to consider “what am I thinking right now?” whenever we find ourselves in a state of flux, or angst, or frustration, or anger, or sadness or any negative state that we feel we’re in – and nine times out of ten, we’ll discover that what we’re thinking is what is causing the feeling.  So, shift the thought and you shift the feeling – simple! Well actually, it’s not that simple -and the movie (and Sonia’s course, which she goes on to promote at the end of the movie) explains exactly how to achieve this.

2. Re-programme your SUBCONSCIOUS MIND

We all know the old saying “we can never be more than we BELIEVE is possible, so start believing in possibilities”.  Our belief systems create our entire life (from inside out) and the two types of belief are as powerful as each other…We have empowering (limitless) beliefs and we have dis-empowering (limiting) beliefs.  When we uncover those beliefs which dis-empower us and limit our ability to be the very best version of ourselves we were born to be, then we open up a whole new world…  A world of HOPE. Remember, hope is about having a steadfast belief in the possibility that things can change…

Change your beliefs and you change your life, in an instant – simple! OK, again, it’s not that simple, although the movie does give some really useful, helpful practical ways in which you can begin the belief-changing process.  For the NLP Practitioners reading my message today, you know how easy it is to change the pictures on the cinema screen of your mind, right? Well, that’s just ONE simple idea they share in the movie and there are lots more, equally as powerful and all definitely worth a try.



This step is all about the Law of Attraction.  We’re all ENERGY, as we know.  And energy attracts energy.  Just as we tend to get on with people who are on our ‘wavelength’ i.e. their energy vibrates at the same frequency as ours (how fascinating is that?) we attract into our lives those things and people that vibrate at our level of frequency.

So, what’s your level of vibrational frequency right now?  Are you consciously attracting good thoughts and feelings into your everyday life?

Are you looking at the glass half full rather than half empty?

Are you focused on those things that can move you forward, rather than keep you stuck in the present, or worse still, keep you chained forever to the gatepost of your past?

Pay attention to what you’re focusing on right now – remember, our energy flows to where our attention goes.  And we are all energy!  In the movie, we’re reminded of the highest levels of vibrational frequency which we should all be paying attention to, so that we attract the right things and people into our lives – namely LOVE, PEACE, JOY and GRATITUDE.  This is my favourite step in the BOUNCE BACK process and for me, the most interesting part of the movie.

For those of you who know me well, you’ll know I’m a bit of a ‘tree hugger’ so I LOVED some of the woo-woo ideas they shared about how to connect at a higher vibrational frequency, in order to attract more of the good stuff into my life!  I particularly liked the ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness – Ho’oponopono, which is an empowering technique to create harmony both within and with others. I’m trying it out this week as part of my daily meditation ritual, so I’ll let you know how I get on with the chanting of this mantra next week!

So, Marie’s Monday Motivation is all about HOPE this week…

I HOPE you’ve taken some inspiration from my message today?

I HOPE you’re curious to find out a bit more about what it takes to be UNSINKABLE?

I HOPE you’ll want to take advantage of the recommendation I’m going to make to you today…

I HOPE you’ll click the link and WATCH THE MOVIE yourself……

I HOPE you’ll schedule 90 mins in your diary TODAY and take a trip to the cinema (grab a colleague, friend, partner, neighbour too if you can) .  Get yourself a coffee (or a glass of vino) and some popcorn and settle down to watch what in my opinion, is one of the greatest motivational movies ever made.

It moves on from The Secret in terms of its teaching about how to TRULY apply the Law of Attraction to ensure you become completely UNSINKABLE in these challenging times we’re all facing right now, so that you BOUNCE BACK – and all in just 3 simple steps!

I HOPE you’ll take the opportunity SOONEST because it looks like viewings to Unsinkable – the Secret to Bouncing Back will end shortly…

I HOPE you enjoy the movie – do let us know what YOUR takeaways are at the end of it.

I’m off to hug a tree or two – with renewed HOPE that I can BOUNCE BACK and become UNSINKABLE too

Have a good week – stay safe, stay sane and stay FIT!

Best regs


P.S. here’s the link to the movie again:…

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