The Only PERSON Comfortable with CHANGE is a BABY!


They say that change is inevitable if we wish to experience growth and the only human being totally at ease with change….is a baby

I don’t think any of us can doubt that the past year has changed our work (and life) habits in immeasurable ways – many for the better, some for the worse. However, we’ve ALL had to find new ways of working & living, in order to survive (and in some cases, thrive) through this pandemic, changing & pivoting like crazy in super speed fashion to adapt to this new World of Work – WOW!

THANKFULLY, with restrictions starting to ease once more (which will hopefully be a permanent change back to some sort of normality), many people up and down the country are coming back from furlough or starting to head back into the office – something that seemed so far away when we headed into our third lockdown just a few months ago.

Whatever happens over the coming weeks as we lift-off from lock-down, one thing we know for sure is that we’re going to have to flex and change the way we do business and serve our customers and take care of our people, if we’re going to enjoy renewed success and personal growth in the months ahead.

We’ve actually all been given a fantastic opportunity to rethink how we do things in our daily lives and maybe even reinvent ourselves, by questioning how & why we do things in the way we do them and what we might like to change, or start or stop, in order to ensure a positive and focused return to ‘normal’ working life.

After SO much time away from other people, void of real human interaction, I’m sure lots of us will have concerns about going “back to work” …How will my relationships be with my colleagues? Do I still know how to BE when it comes to face-to-face communication? Can I remember how everything works? What if everything has changed and I’m stretched way outside of my comfort zone?

Be assured, if you’re experiencing any of these worries, you’re not alone! We’re all going through a whirlwind of emotions right now and it’s really important that we FOCUS on the things we CAN CONTROL, rather than FESTERING on those things we CAN’T if we’re to ensure a sense of emotional wellbeing and positivity, as we move forward.

ONE THING you most certainly can control is your ATTITUDE & MINDSET when it comes to making the necessary changes “back to work”. So, how can you keep your mind FIT? Here are FIVE tips that you can put in place straight away that really are SIMPLE to implement yet incredibly EFFECTIVE as a result…


Eleanor Roosevelt was absolutely right – nobody has the right, power or control to affect your attitude without your permission, so don’t let them.


Choose your attitude as you step into the workplace – it’s the one you’ll live with throughout the day and only you can change it…so, choose a positive one from the outset.


It’s an outward sign of inner enthusiasm, affecting the way you are perceived and the way you feel about yourself too. Besides, it only takes 6 muscles to smile and 38 to frown, so conserve energy and smile more


Check out your internal dialogue – are you speaking positively and in support of yourself or are you running yourself down with negative affirmations and unhelpful thoughts? Reframe those negative thoughts to ensure that you always speak in the positive, because “our words are the clothes that our thoughts wear”, so we need to dress them well.


Are you standing tall and sitting straight? When we have good posture, we breathe more effectively and we feel more positive, more assertive and more in control. So straighten up and see, hear and feel the difference.

For more FIT tips on how you can stay positive and focused, as you return to the World of Work (WOW!) check out our FIT Success Blueprint here.

And if you’re looking to “Spring Clean Your Mind” this month, we’ve got the perfect pick-me-up to ensure you’re right on track as lockdown lifts and you make that change (for the better) starting with, as Michael Jackson said, the man (or woman) in the mirror!

Have a great week and keep FIT

Best regs

Marie X

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