Ladies and Gents – a round of applause for our new apprentice

The FIT team have just got a little bigger (no, not by eating too many mince pies at Christmas!) but by hiring their new Apprentice…

..which is me! My name is Ellyse, I’m 16 and I am from Detling, near Maidstone in Kent.

I am ecstatic to be David and Marie’s Apprentice – already I have settled extremely well into our brand new office, even though we have been faced with a ton of problems since our arrival, but I’ll leave that little story until another time for fear of depressing you all &/or taking pity on me!

Oh yes, it really was that bad in my first week. * nervous laugh * at this point, because if I don’t laugh I’ll cry when I think back to that baptism of fire last week!

One of the main jobs on my priority list as the FIT Apprentice is to be writing the weekly blogs for FIT, which I’m very excited about, as personally I DO think I’m able to create blogs that just may give you a little boost of inspiration every week – and of course, I do understand that I need to make them interesting and useful for you too, while not boring the pants off you, so I’ll throw in a dash of humour to make sure I hit the spot, OK?

So, here’s 5 little facts about me…

  1. My nickname is Fluffy because of my crazy wild curly hair.
  2. I adore my cat and dogs like you wouldn’t believe.
  3. Friends is my favourite programme of all time and I have watched every single episode at least 10 times, same goes with Criminal Minds.
  4. I absolutely love going on holiday to baking hot countries and catching a beautiful brown tan.
  5. Since I was about 12/13 I’ve been fascinated with becoming part of the BAU (Behavioural Analysis Unit) and doing something along the lines of ghost hunting or demonology.

I have come bearing many talents to share with my team……I’m very creative when coming up with ideas for campaigns and I’m also very confident and independent and good at using my own initiative when I get a little stuck with something, which Marie and David tell me is a really good thing given I’m only sweet 16!

Oh and on that note, obviously I’m a Social Media junkie, so I can bring a lot of modern trends to the blogs, as I know what’s trending on Twitter or Facebook daily and I have a good sense of humour, which will help a lot when I write the weekly blogs for you all, as it will create a great ‘first impression’ Cheesy? I know, but you know what they say about first impressions – you never get a second chance to make one, so I want to make sure I make the most of my first one to you!

I think my personality is extremely compatible with the personality of the company – FIT is a vibrant, fun and motivational place to work but the team also all have a really good work ethic, which I have too (just ask my Mum!). I may come across as not serious and want to have too much fun, but in actual fact when work needs to be done, IT NEEDS TO BE DONE and I’m good at GETTING STUFF DONE!

I can motivate myself a lot without anyone else’s help, but it’s great to know I’ve got Marie, David and the team to support me. Above my desk is a beautiful Vision Board with all my work and personal goals for 2016, which will help push me a lot in my work as the FIT Apprentice this year.

I do advise everyone to create a Vision Board, as it can help you a lot with motivation and help you stay on track to achieve your dreams and goals. I’m going to start to learn to drive on the day of my 17th birthday (which is on 1st Feb BTW in case you want to send me a card!) and I’ve got my gorgeous little FIAT 500 car on my vision board, all ready to get to test day, pass and buy the car so I can REALLY get this show on the road!

Anyway, enough about me for now – here’s to you and your goals for this coming week!

Until next time……keep FIT!

By Ellyse, the FIT Apprentice

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