Klopp would NEVER put his fans before his players – and neither should YOU!

Putting your customers’ needs before your employees needs is BONKERS, right?

I mean, a football manager would NEVER put his fans’ physical or emotional wellbeing ahead of their players, would they?

Any half decent football manager knows that their player’s needs and requirements have to take priority, if their players are going to fulfil the wants and needs of their fans.

They know they have to focus their attention and energy on getting their players to optimum fitness, performing at their peak, so that they’re able to surprise and delight their fans when they’re out on the pitch.

It’s the same for us as leaders & movers & shakers…

It’s our job to look after our staff, so they feel able to look after our customers – it’s as simple as that.

Everyone knows that happy staff = happy customers.

It’s not rocket science.

Behaviour breeds behaviour and attitudes are totally contagious, so we MUST ensure our staff’s attitude is one we WANT our customers to catch!

So, it has to start from within the organisation – because customer experience is an inside job. It works from the inside-out.

We need to ensure a great employee experience in order to guarantee a great experience for our customers.

There is a wealth of research out there proving that happy, healthy and engaged workforces are significantly more productive and enjoy higher CSATs and NPS scores than their not-so-cared-for counterparts.

A fascinating article in Harvard Business Review proves this to be the case, with research by employee review company, Glassdoor which interestingly correlates certain industries with the happiest employees and a company’s impressive CSAT and NPS scores.

You can read the whole article here: https://hbr.org/2019/08/the-ke…

As many of you know, we’re all about focusing on your people FIRST, so they’re able to better focus on your customers.

Indeed, our very own strapline says what we’re all about: “developing your people to enhance your customers’ experience”

We absolutely know that when we develop the potential of the individual, then their unique ability to develop customer and brand loyalty is enhanced. Why? Well because as we also know, people buy or buy into people FIRST and we all want to do business with someone who sounds positive and engaged and interested and focused on US and OUR Needs.

So, there’s nothing new here this week, would you agree?

We all know that when you enable your Brand Ambassadors to deliver Purple Cow style customer service, by focusing your attention on them and their development, then THEY will feel happier at work and in turn, they’ll make your customers feel happier too – because we’re all energy, after all.

So, one sure way to create happy employees, so that you have more happy customers to care for, is to ensure they have FUN on the frontline making that happen and what better way to have fun than with the fun experts themselves – James & Sunny Sandwell at Fun at Work https://www.funatwork.co.uk who’ve been providing the UK (both in the business world and in life) with fun, inspirational entertainment since 2003, having created a load of FUN for over 3.5 million people to date

Go take the tour and discover just how quickly, easily and cost-effectively YOU can stimulate a more fun and energetic working environment during this tricky climate we’re all in right now – yes, EVEN when it’s a virtual frontline you’re trying to inject some fun into, as it is for so many of us at present.

We’ve been part of the same Entrepreneurs network with James & Sunny for several years now – not only are they truly the FUN EXPERTS, they’re also one of the nicest couples we know in business (present company excepted of course )

Whatever you’re doing this week, make sure you and your teams have some FUN at WORK and notice how much more productive you, and your staff are as a result.

Until next time – stay safe and keep FIT!

Best regs

Marie X

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