It’s Autumn – time to put a Spring in our step

The summer’s over, nights are drawing-in and Autumn is in the air – it’s that time of the year when we all need to quickly reflect on what we’ve achieved so far this year and refocus on what remains to be done during the last quarter of 2018 (can you believe how FAST this year has gone?)

Here’s a selection of our favourite tips to replace those autumn blues with inner energy and motivation in a busy frontline operation;

Get to sleep!

We all know the importance of a good night’s sleep and we also know the detrimental effect that a lack of sleep can have on the body, mind and soul – remember in times of war, when sleep deprivation was used as a means of interrogation? A lack of sleep affects our power of concentration, our decision-making ability and most importantly, has a dramatically negative effect on our mood and behaviour. So, count sheep if you have to…..and find ways to get a good night’s sleep!

Work it out!

We all know the benefits of regular exercise, whether it be a brisk 30 minute walk each day, a twice weekly Zumba class or a few lengths in the swimming pool of an evening – and we also know how good we feel after having done so! This is because exercise raises endorphin levels in the brain, by releasing fat from the body and endorphins produce a sense of euphoria, enhance pleasure and suppress pain – both emotionally and physically. So get off your butt, get on your bike (or on your feet, or in your training shoes) and enjoy a regular workout!

The Government’s Chief Medical Officer recommends that adults should do a minimum of 30 minutes physical activity 5 days a week, of moderate intensity, to maintain good health and well-being and that anything that causes our heart rate to increase in a sensible manner is good – from walking the dog or a game of tennis to a gentle jog around the block!

Water yourself well!

Dr. F. Batmanghelidj MD, a pioneering physician and acclaimed author, goes beyond the standard advice we’re all aware of – that drinking 8 glasses of water every day helps maintain the body’s electrochemical balance and keeps body cells hydrated. His research shows that proper hydration can relieve and prevent a range of medical conditions and diseases – from asthma, heart attack and strokes to more modern concerns such as depression, fatigue (M.E) and sleep disorders. Water is vital to our health and wellbeing – we need to water the inside well in order to reflect the benefits on the outside! After all, the NLP practitioners among us know only too well that our external world is a direct reflection of our internal world. So get drinking……water of course!

Set aside some ‘me time’ each day!

Rest and relaxation is vital to our health and well-being and because we all have such fast-moving, hectic lifestyles today, it is even more important that we take time out each day to simply just ‘be’. Discipline yourself to relax for a short period of time every day, by learning to quieten the internal chatter and enjoy the peace that comes from being at one with yourself. Listen to some relaxing music or practice a few Yoga or Pilates moves or just sit still, breathing deeply and purposefully for a few moments and indulge in the tranquillity. Rewarding yourself in this way for a few minutes each day will create greater energy and motivation in your everyday life!

Create an energy anchor!

Every NLP practitioner will wax lyrical about the power of anchors! And the energy anchor is the most positive one of all to encourage an empowering state. So just close your eyes, go inside and recall a time when you felt totally energised, motivated and raring to go! See what you saw, hear what you heard, feel what you felt. Brighten the picture, turn up the sounds and ramp up those feelings, so that you’re back there, living the experience in the now! When the experience is at its peak, simply savour the moment – squeeze your thumb and index finger together and anchor all those positives thoughts and feelings. Then, whenever the need arises, just close your eyes, squeeze your thumb and index finger together and enjoy feeling energised once again!

Set your goal – then bite-size chunk it!

As the saying goes ‘an inch is a synch and a yard is hard’ so break your goals down into bite-size chunks so that you create impetus to achieve what now feels possible. A goal is a dream with a deadline and deadlines promote energy, speed and momentum, so set timeframes that spring board you to achieve the success you deserve!

Right! Now we’re all set for the final push – let’s go!

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