Have a break – have more than a Kit-Kat

Jeez it’s been a scorcher over this last week hasn’t it!?

It’s fine for those of us who were planning to be sunning ourselves in the Algarve or cruising along Hawaiian shores at this time and who now find themselves holidaying in their back-yard or down on the local beach front instead….

At least you’re still getting your annual dose of Vit D and some well -deserved R&R, agreed?

However, what about those of us (we fall into this category – and it’s unusual for us) who made the conscious decision NOT to book their summer holiday or annual weekend breaks-away at the beginning of the year…

… and now find themselves not only in desperate need of a proper get-away but now, thanks to COVID (and bad work planning) find themselves not even being able to enjoy the sunshine on their doorstep or in their garden, as booking time out in their diaries is proving impossible ☹

I mean, just given what we leaders are dealing with to keep our teams on track, upbeat and focused on the job in hand every day is a full-day’s work in itself right now, isn’t it?

If you can relate to this feeling this week, then you have my wholehearted support, admiration and respect for hanging on in there and continuing to fight another day – DESPITE the optimists assuring us we’re coming out the other side of this awful pandemic, it doesn’t feel like it when you’re on your knees with burn-out, does it?

So, for those of you who are beavering away (from home or from your COVID-secure office) desperately hanging on for the bell to ring and for it to be OK for you to take your well-deserved break (albeit to the back garden – let’s hope the sunshine stays a little longer here in the UK), I thought I’d remind you of one of my all-time favourite Maya Angelou quotes….


I hope it will help you to at least PAUSE for a moment and find some rest and renewal in-between your busy schedule this coming week…..

We can ALL take heed of Maya’s wisdom by simply taking a little breather, learning to BE and not DO for a short while and resting to recharge our batteries for a bit (even an early dart one day this week or a late start could crack it).

That way, in no time at all, we’ll be far more energised to get back on our sling-backs (or man boots) and get moving forward on our journey to (even greater) success – and who knows, by then we might have organised a proper break away from the rat race, hey?

Until next time – enjoy your mini break and keep FIT!

Best regs

Marie x

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