Happy Chickens Lay More Eggs

Have you had an influx of new customers lately? Are they knocking your door down? Are your phones ringing off the hook with new business?


Well, let me ask you. How happy are your customers?

You don’t know?

Let me tell you, you would know if they were happy. You’d know because you would definitely have had more customers as a result. You’d feel it right there, where it really counts: your bottom line!

I love customer service statistics and I think this one is particularly powerful, especially when you consider that YOU are in control of the situation that influences it:

A study by McKinsey has revealed that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customer feels they are being treated. So if you make them feel special, you make them happy and they buy more. I hate this phrase but really, it’s not rocket science!

Better still is the knowledge that 55% of customers would pay extra to guarantee a better service (Defaqto). This is still true in a negative economy. In fact Harris Interactive’s Customer Experience Impact Report Customer found that experience is so important to consumers that they will often or always pay 60% more for a better service. So, if you ensure that Customer Service Excellence is a matter of course, your prices will never be an issue.

Even your complaining customers can be happy chickens. They are a gift! Did you know that customers who have had their issues resolved satisfactorily will directly tell 4-6 other people? (and, most likely, significantly more thanks to social media.) They become advocates of your business, they promote it and they will even insist that their friends and family use it.

Lots and lots of happy chickens and way more eggs in your basket!

Keep FIT!

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