For those who know me well, you’ll know I’m a MASSIVE fan of Robin Sharma, one of the world’s top leadership experts, who has sold more than 15 million books across 96+ nations, including the #1 bestsellers The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari; The Leader Who had No Title and The 5am Club.

The man is a motivational magnate; a powerhouse of knowledge and wisdom and serial philanthropist to all things humanitarian – AND he’s a fine-looking chap to boot!

In his latest blog, he talks about life being short; with us all running fast, moving swiftly – with time passing so quickly, we hardly blink and it’s already Monday again! He reminds us that “no matter who you are and where you live and what you do, we all end up as not much more than a pile of ashes in a metal urn or as a bunch of bones under six feet of soil, with petunias growing above”.

WOW! Robin sure doesn’t mince his words when he’s got a serious message to get out there hey!?

True though, because he goes on to say that being reminded of our own mortality is a powerful way to ensure that we live more urgently, more purposefully, more wholeheartedly. Robin is coming up 60 soon (can’t believe I’m actually older than him!) and he’s recently developed a new rule – a new way of viewing life that forms the way he now makes decisions.

He reminds himself that if he’s “lucky and blessed enough and eats enough broccoli”, he might just live to the age of 85 – which for him is about 25 more birthdays, or 25 more Valentine’s days with his beloved, or 25 more family celebrations, or 25 more faraway holidays or, his real waker-upper – 25 more summers.

YES! That really does bring it home to me too – this way of thinking DOES invoke a sense of urgency, doesn’t it? It DOES make you want to live more to the point and stop postponing or procrastinating over the doing of extremely important things…
…like forgiving those who should be forgiven NB. Robin says that’s EVERYONE who has ever hurt you!
…like learning a new craft or taking up a new hobby
…like writing that book or novel
…like cooking a new dish or baking a cake
…like running that charity race or joining a local gym
…like dancing barefoot after a rainstorm
…like visiting a country you’ve only so far dreamt about
…or having some proper R&R time all to yourself
… or ticking a thing or two off that Bucket List

Robin says this new rule of his makes him want to hug his kids tighter and tell his spouse he loves her more often and touch the feet of his elderly parents, who he just knows he will miss dearly when they are no longer around.

He says this new way of thinking makes him want to take the trips and sing the songs and smell the flowers and take the risks that the best, most heroic and most alive part of himself begs him to do.

So do it, he will!

Good on you Robin – I’m in awe of your wonderfulness (if there is such a word) and your human spirit and positivity and eagerness to live your best life, playing full out with purpose and integrity.

Sharma’s blog this week reminded me of that fabulous poem by Yorkshire lass, Rose Milligan, whose prose ‘Dust If You Must’ was first published in The Lady magazine in 1998 and has been quoted in a myriad of places, bestowing the virtues of taking time to smell those roses, while putting the housework on hold for a while.

Dust If You Must Poem

Very wise words Rose – ones I most definitely agree with, as I’m sure Robin does too, given he’s already told us we’re all ending up in a pile of ashes, which as you say, will create even more dust anyway!

So, whether it’s 5, 25 or 75 more summers that YOU’VE got to look forward to – get out and LIVE them, OK! 👍

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