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Telephone sales and appointment setting remains one of the most productive and cost-effective methods of reaching new clients for many businesses – but only if you have properly trained people representing your brand at the other end of the ‘phone!

Many of you will know that, here at FIT, our trainers have all walked their talk in the telesales and telemarketing environments. In fact the majority of the team came through the telephone sales ranks way before we ever became customer service champions, so we like to think we know exactly what it takes to chase a cold or warm lead and convert it into bottom line results!

We know that, in order to transact business i.e. convert the lead or sell the product, we have to develop positive relationships first, because people buy people before they buy what you’re offering them. This ‘Selling Through Service’ approach is what sets switched on, savvy telemarketers apart from the rest. And we should know, because we really have been there, done it and got the t-shirts!

Now, before I go any further let’s be clear – whether it be telesales, telemarketing, teleappointing etc. there is no ideal panacea to guarantee 100% outbound calling success. However, to help you on your way I’ve created a specially written booklet called ‘THE Definitive Appointment-Setting Guide that REALLY Works’ that will certainly help you to increase your chances of arriving at a successful outcome each and every time you press the number pad / don the headset / “spin the dial” (yes, I know I’m showing my age here!).

This 7-step guide will walk you through the essential elements of the outbound call, whether you’re setting up meetings or selling directly over the ‘phone and provide you with powerful hints, tips and ideas that you can adapt to your own specific environment. Discover the key ingredients in your very own winning outbound call recipe including;

1. Top Tips for Getting Past the Gatekeeper
2. The Hook (reason for the call)
3. The Turn-On Phrase
4. The Take-Away Phrase
5. Probing (Questioning)
6. Matching and Closing
7. Handling Resistance

Each key step has been broken down into a mini-series of bulletins and you can sign-up to receive them directly into your inbox by clicking this link

These steps will be easy to digest and even easier to start putting into practice, ready for when the next step in this super-useful guide lands in your inbox!

At the end, I have a very special offer waiting for you… so keep your eyes peeled for that.

Wishing you much appointment-setting success in the meantime,


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