Build a Bridge – Get Over It!

I want to be totally honest with you this week – because you know how important that value is to me and my business. I’ve struggled a little these last couple of months. Not on the outside, obviously. Those of you who know me well, know I’m always the consummate professional when it comes to practising what I preach, even if that does mean I’ve got to apply the all-powerful Fake It Technique to ensure I demonstrate by example!

No, to the outside world, there’s nothing unusual going on with me at all right now. I’m as ‘in yer face’ and as enthusiastic and as annoyingly positive as I’ve always been. But the truth is – I’ve not been feeling it on the inside recently, and I was astute enough to realise that this oscar winning performance couldn’t go on forever. After all, no-one’s invincible and we all get to break-point every now and then, don’t we? We all have dark days or poor-me moments where all we want to do is hide under that duvet and pull a sicky for a day or 2, agreed? I mean, even smart business owners and entrepreneurs experience ups and downs, right!?

But we cannot and should not and must not ever let these dreary periods (which are, after all, a normal part of the fabric of life) define us.

We are ALL stronger, better, more brilliant and more able than we know – and sometimes, all we need is a little helping hand or a leg-up to come to realise this. It’s a little easier said than done though, isn’t it?

While I did recognise that I needed to get my sh*t together (and pronto), I also knew I needed to acknowledge and actually validate what was going on in my universe in this moment, to understand what was causing this negativity and bad energy which was pervading my thinking – and of course, my being and my doing too! I needed to find a way to get that Attractor Factor back in play.

So I took the opportunity during our recent spell in Spain enjoying some much needed R&R, to reflect and review and revive my whole perspective of what was going on, in both my business and personal life – to give myself a little bit of therapy for a change, and consider how I might get back on track, in the groove, back to being the real deal, the genuine me, to ensure my continued success.

I’m a big fan of the Inside Out Model (as I call it). As a Wellbeing Therapist and NLP Master Practitioner, I totally get that our external world is simply a reflection of our internal world.

Inside Out Model 1

I understand that our beliefs and thoughts drive our feelings, which drive our behaviour, which impacts our actions and creates our results and outcomes.

I appreciate that sh*t happens and there’s only 2 ways to deal with it when it hits the fan – we can REACT or we can RESPOND and the E+R=O Formula is a strategy I teach and live by every single day.

I agree that ATTITUDE is EVERYTHING and we need to have a 100% attitude at all times – it’s the percentage the word ‘attitude ‘equals after all!

I wax lyrical about Roosevelt’s Rule – that no one has the right, the power, or the control to affect my attitude without my permission.

I know that if it’s to be it’s up to me!

I am fully aligned with the principle that what you give out determines what you get back.

And I’m a huge fan of The Secret, of Joe Vitale and of the Law of Attraction.

So, I absolutely know, for sure, that my getting back on track was always going to be an inside job and I could choose to be the victim or the victor. I could recover and thrive or I could regress and sink! The choice is, always has been and always will be, mine!

I read 3 books on holiday – all very strategically chosen, and boy! have they had the desired effect in getting me back on track – from the inside out.

  • Oprah: What I know For Sure
  • Mary Portas: Work Like A Woman
  • Gay Hendricks: The Big Leap

If the colour of your sky is a little grey right now, or your inner voice is being critical, or if your energy feels rather dark and heavy (even if, like me, you’re ‘acting as if’) then I urge you to pick up one of these 3 books and find a few moments each day to work through the lessons that lie within the pages. I promise you, you’ll learn all you need to know about the fact that a fulfilled and successful life is ALWAYS an inside job.

So if you’re having a little wobble right now, as I did just recently – please know this:

  • You’re perfectly normal – bad things happen to good people, that’s life!
  • Have your poor-me moment if you wish
  • Apply some of the wisdom in this blog to see things from a different perspective
  • Or read one of the 3 inspirational books I’ve recommended
  • Take 100% responsibility, accountability & ownership for what’s going on
  • Know that ‘this too shall pass’
  • Then build a bridge
  • Get over it and…
  • SUMO (Shut Up & Move On!)

Because YOU have the power on the inside to be extraordinary on the outside – seize that power NOW!

Until next time, keep FIT!

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