Are you a sprouting success?

One man from Warwickshire had a crazy idea that sprouted out of thin air…

Stuart Kettel from Balsall Common, West Midlands decided to embark on a mission to push a Brussels sprout up Mount Snowdon using only his nose!

He trained for this challenge by pushing a sprout around his garden with nothing but his snout!

Is he sprout of control…..!?

He didn’t just hurt his nose though – he injured his arms, legs, knees, feet and neck in his efforts to push a sprout up to the summit of Mount Snowdon.

He might be mad, although he succeeded and reached the peak of 1,085m in just 3 days! His aim was to raise a total of £5000 for Macmillan Cancer Support and is still counting his pennies raised for the charity.

Read this unusual story for yourself…

So what’s the lesson for us this week?

Well apart from the obvious – that practice, with some constructive feedback from a great ‘sprouting’ coach or mentor, makes perfect – setting goals that stretch us outside our comfort zone is the only way we’ll get to the top of that mountain!

Have a great week – and keep FIT!

FIT Tip of the week

Remember – Belief is the ignition switch that gets us off the launching pad!

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