A tale of two titans – Part 1


If you’ve never heard of Anthony (Tony) Robbins, then chances are, you’re not going to be overly interested in this week’s FIT Matters.

Tony’s story is an extraordinary one – as is the man himself.

He had an incredibly tough upbringing, suffering at the hands of an alcoholic mother; extreme poverty – thanks in the main to his mother preferring to feed her habit than feed her children; real financial hardship and physical challenge.

Yet, Tony Robbins talks so positively about his childhood, absolutely convinced that it was these early years experiences that made him the man he is today.

Gratitude is his no 1 value – stemmed entirely from these childhood experiences, and his philanthropic work is testament to this gratitude, demonstrated by the many charities his Anthony Robbins Foundation supports, from feeding over 4 million children in 56 countries each year, to initiating support programmes in 1500 schools and 700 prisons all over the world.

Robbins is a giant within the personal development industry – both literally (he’s 6ft 7in) and in terms of his expertise and experience, which spans an impressive 44 years.

In this time, he’s worked with many of the world’s most successful specimens – from religious leaders and government officials, to movie stars, pop icons and best-in-class athletes.

His live events, including Date with Destiny, Business & Life Mastery and his world-renowned Unleash the Power Within (UPW) event, where participants learn to walk over 2,000 degree hot coals with the ease of a beach walk in the sand, are truly mind-blowing and life changing.

I speak from experience – I attended UPW in 2017 at the Excel venue in London, together with over 10,000 fellow personal development junkies from all over the world who, like me, were there to live & breathe Tony’s 3E Philosophy (to be Educated, Engaged and Empowered) and emerge ‘re-born’ – or at very least, reignited, refreshed and reenergized to start anew.

I was indeed all these things as a direct result of UPW – so much so that, at the end of this 4 day extravaganza, I immediately purchased tickets for my 3 boys to attend the following year, in April 2018.

UPW rocked my world – in a really really good way. And it did the same for Tom, Dan & Joe, who almost 3 years on, still talk about the experience and the positive influence UPW had and continues to have on their daily lives, having been, as Tony promises – Educated, Engaged & Empowered.

The first UPW event of 2021 is happening on 4th-7th March this year – and it’s planned to be another outstanding success, with thousands of tickets sold already.

So, how has Tony Robbins managed to recreate the same awe-inspiring, motivational and action-packed experience with UPW, now we’re all living & working in a virtual world (and for a while longer yet, it seems)?

How do you physically, emotionally & spiritually move thousands of people to WANT to change and create such energy around the cause, when 55% of the impact of someone’s communication is based on the VISUAL / PHYSICAL element?

AND how do you really ‘get to’ people at events of this nature, in order to engage and empower them, when 84% of their experience is based on the EMOTIONAL impact that person has on them, given the fact that, with a virtual event like this, there ISN’T any real emotional connection?

Well, if MY experience of the last 4 days are anything to go by – it’s going to be just as awesome, as inspiring, as motivational, as educational, engaging and empowering as every other real-live event Tony Robbins has ever delivered!

How do I know that?

Well, I’m on Day 5 today (Mon 25th Jan 2021) of Tony’s New Year New You Challenge – a 5-day VIRTUAL event, wholly focused and dedicated to creating, not just a whole NEW YOU, but a whole NEW YOU successfully living in a whole NEW WORLD!

We’ve been learning how to flex and adapt and change and develop and emerge into the very best version of ourselves in this New Year, in order to take on this New World we’re moving into, once this pandemic is well & truly demolished – as it will be, because we all know: “this too shall pass”.

I’ve learned (and refreshed) many key insights over the last few days about human behaviour; the power of thought and the direct impact that physical health can have on our mental and emotional wellbeing.

It’s been a nice nudge out of auto-pilot for me – and as awareness is 90% of the cure, I for one, am pleased to be having this wake-up call so early into the New Year.

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Here are a few of my favourite insights & key learns from the last few days, which I thought you might like to read about &/or take note of for your OWN personal development this week:

1. Your external world is simply a reflection of your internal world – personal growth is an inside job.

2. Your thoughts impact your feelings, which impact your behaviour & actions, which impact your results.

3. Your past does not equal your future, unless you continue to live (in) it. You can’t drive into your future using a rear-view mirror – you’ll crash! You only look backwards if you want to SEE progress but if you want to SEEK progress, you must face forward…and you can’t go back and create a brand new past, although you definitely can go forward and create a brand new future.  So, change your story – change your life!  “Divorce your story of limitation and marry your truth of unlimited capacity”

4. Problems are a sign of life. The only people who don’t have them are those who live underground, in a cemetery. Welcome & embrace problems as a gift – they prove you’re not yet dead!

5. Where FOCUS goes, ENERGY flows. You get what you focus on – good or bad and focus equals feeling. If you change your focus, you’ll change your internal ‘state’ and being in a high-peak state is the first step to break through to a high-performing YOU!

6. “The strongest force in the human personality is the need to stay consistent with how we define ourselves”. So, what’s YOUR Identity? Your identity is defined by who you think you ARE and who you think you’re NOT.  If you have limited identity (self-sabotage) then you will consistently believe and live in that identity.  Remember, we can never be more than we believe is possible, so let’s start believing in possibilities!

Here at Team FIT, we’ve been working hard on possibilities these last 10 months.

We’ve been flexing and adapting and changing and developing, just like Tony has been teaching his delegates to over this last year. Indeed, we’ve even built a whole new offering by way of a fully-blended customer service learning & development solution that’s about to be piloted to one of our VIP clients in Q2 of this year.

I urge you to do the same in 2021.

Find ways to continually stretch outside your hoola-hoop and move away from your comfort zone. Life is never going to be the same again, once this pandemic has passed – and for many of us, that’ll be a really GOOD THING!

If you’re not moving FORWARD in 2021, then you’re either STANDING STILL or you’re moving BACKWARDS – and neither of these positions are synergetic with SUCCESS.

So, ensure you’re moving in the right direction this week – and next week, I’ll share the Tale of Titan Two with you, who is another awesome example of personal development mastery and genius from who we can learn so much, to help and support us through this transition into a Brave New World.

Get googling Robin Sharma – and in the meantime, take care & keep FIT!

Best regs

Marie X

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