73.6% of all statistics are made up. But not these…

Statistics about Statistics

• 73.6% of all statistics are made up
• 56.7% of all statistics have added a decimal point to appear more plausible
• 30% of all statistics do not correspond to each other
• 11% of the world population can touch their nose with their tongue
• 100% of you just tried to touch your nose with your tongue

As you can see, most statistics are made up to add weight behind a subject. But, one area that always receives in-depth research is the customer service sector. Information is collated by numerous trustworthy sources and agencies where they report on their findings and we gain real insight and actual real statistics about the customer service industry. Some of these are eye-watering;

• It costs 5 times more to attract a new customer than to maintain an existing one

• If a customer receives good service, he or she will tell 5 people on average, yet if a customer receives bad service, he or she will tell 11 people on average

• Until recently, only 1 in 26 people in the UK on average has made the effort to complain at the point of something going wrong – the rest just churn.

• More than a third (36%) of people are now using Social Media to escalate a complaint

• 42% of those complaining via Social Media expect a response within 60 minutes!

• If a customer has a major problem resolved satisfactorily, 82% will do business with you again AND almost half of consumers (48%) said they would be happy with just an apology

• If a customer has a major problem but remains silent, 91% will not do business with you again

• Customers who have a problem, which is effectively resolved are 4 times more loyal than customers who have never had a problem – and more than half of them (52%) think ‘more highly’ of the company that handles their complaint effectively

• 67% of consumers would rather engage with a ‘real person’ to solve a difficult situation or problem, proving that the self-serve world is NOT for every customer or customer situation

• 1 loyal customer is worth 12 new customers – because they spend an average of 300% more

• 68% of customers who choose to move their business or loyalty elsewhere do so due to a “lack of care or contact” by their Provider

• 86% of customers would pay 25% more for a better customer experience

• 20% of your customer base will spend more money with you if you make the opportunity available

• 84% of the customer experience is emotional, based purely on their perception and how they feel. Emotions are processed 24 times faster than rationale and logic

• 56% of consumers get annoyed by automated telephone systems

• 38% of you are still trying to lick your nose with your tongue 🙂

Still trying to lick your nose?

Haha – got you! Keep FIT!

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