21 daily disciplines for an AMAZING 2023

Here’s our list of 21 daily disciplines to help you achieve amazing results in 2023.

They say it takes 21 days to make or break a habit – in fact research proves that it takes 66 days to fully embed the new habit AND, depending on the size and tenure of the habit, it can take up to 254 days for the new habit to be intrinsically implanted in our DNA!

So, whether we’re setting out on a 21, 66 or 354 day journey of developing some great new habits to kickstart our 2023, here’s FIT’s 21 daily disciplines to help you on your way to having an AMAZING year ahead!

I credit 17 of the following helpful habits to adopt to the brilliant Robin Sharma, taken from his latest blog, 17 Micro-Habits for an Astonishingly Great 2023:

1. Focus on what’s within your sphere of power – and STOP festering on things you can’t control.

2. Drink more water – the human brain is made up of 75% of this life source.

3. STOP checking messages upon waking up – first make a MOVE! (as Tony Robbins would say).

4. Work in blocks of time that you’ve carved out on a written weekly schedule and remember the importance of your 90 mins – WHATEVER time of day you choose to do your 90 mins, working ON your business / your strategy / your goals.

5. Write a daily “not to do list” – focus on what’s important &/or urgent, NOT the nice-to-do’s.

6. Use positive words & STOP the victim speak – our words are the clothes that are thoughts wear, so dress them well, because we ARE what we THINK!

7. Start saying NO to activities you don’t want to do. Life is too short to be spending your time doing things you can’t stand doing!  NB. Check out my 16 Ways of Saying of Saying NO! worksheet here https://www.firstimpressiontraining.co.uk/blog/16-ways-to-say-no

8. Exercise first thing each morning – even a brisk walk around the block or the local park for 20 mins will boost your energy levels and kickstart your metabolism.

9. Stay away from the news! News headlines are designed to instil fear (and fortune – for the news channel / newspaper moguls) because bad news SELLS and negativity breeds negativity!

10. Unplug your TV for the majority of the day /eve and commit to NO MORE than 1 programme or hourly watch a day (better still – get rid!)

old new habits

11. Use music as a productivity (and mood) enricher. Make playlists for new projects.

12. Avoid people who make you feel bad. And remove the dream stealers from your daily life.

13. Talk to yourself in a more encouraging way. There’s no one else like you alive on the planet today – so become your own publicity agent!

14. Do fewer work activities yet increase your quality dramatically. It’s better to push one piece of mastery into the marketplace than a thousand pieces of average.

15. Study your craft for an hour each day. The performer who practices the most wins the day!

16. Take more power naps – 2-3 per week for NO MORE than 20 mins any time between 1pm-3pm is proven to result in many health benefits including long-term memory improvement, enhanced cognitive function, heart health and increased creativity.

17. See the gifts in others – and then polish the ones within yourself.

18. Start journaling – begin by listing 3 things that you are grateful / thankful for as each day comes to a close (hint: they can be as small & sweet as you like – just develop an Attitude of Gratitude)

19. Practice daily visualisation of ONE THING you want to manifest in your life – seeing is believing and if you conceive it in your mind, you can believe it and if you believe it, you can achieve it!

20. Give something back, at least once a month – perform a Random Act of Kindness; give to charity; do a sponsored run or walk or cycle; support a local business; lend a hand to your elderly neighbour; take flowers to a friend in need; send a ‘thinking of you’ note to someone; give an old pal a ‘phone call to say hi; buy a homeless person a coffee & a sandwich; hold the door open for someone….

GIVE without expecting to RECEIVE – and notice how the Law of Attraction kicks in when we focus our efforts on helping others.

21. Go easy on yourself – we’re all doing the best we can with the resources we have available to us at this time. Sometimes, we need to be a little kinder to ourselves, in the way we would be if our child or significant other or a good friend needed us to be. Fill yourself up FIRST – you can’t pour from an empty cup.

Until next time – take care and keep FIT 😊

Best regs,


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