7 Super Secrets from the Dragons Den

Dragon coins

It’s become a TV institution since it first arrived on our screens over 17 years ago, although for every success story on Dragons Den, there are many dozens more that have stood before the business giants in the Den and secured not a farthing of investment for their budding ventures. In some cases, it’s been […]

Effective communication is the answer for todays leaders


Effective communication is a critical skill, for both business AND life. If only we’d all mastered those 4 key communication skills of READING, WRITING, SPEAKING & LISTENING when we were taught them at an early age, we’d have all been assured of developing superior human relationships in later life, agreed? It would feel easy to […]

Work stress and burnout – too much or too little?

burnout g9b32c86cc 1920

In 2019 ‘BURNOUT’ made it into the WHO’s International Classification of Diseases. It’s the result of feeling emotional, physical and mental/work stress for prolonged periods of time and refers to growing feelings of exhaustion, mental distance &/or negativity towards our work. Clinical Psychologist Sofia Gerbase of Unmind, the mental health & wellbeing experts, refers to […]

Employees matter EVERY day – not just on National Employee Appreciation Day!


National Employee Appreciation Day falls on 4th March each year, so this Friday is YOUR opportunity to show YOUR staff even more love, recognition and appreciation than you might usually show them, although it’s important to remember that, because employees matter, we should recognise and appreciate our staff’s contribution to the organisation’s success EVERY DAY […]

How to kick the procrastination habit – Part 2

Procrastination collage

In our last FIT Matters blog, I admitted to you that if there were an award for Best Procrastinator of the Century, I’d win hands down!  If I can put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today, then sure as night follows day, I’m a procrastination dead cert to bet on 👍 […]

Stop that procrastination thief!


Procrastination is the thief of time, they say. If there were an award for Best Procrastinator of the Century, I’d win hands down! Seriously, if I can put off until tomorrow what can (and should) be done today, then sure as night follows day, I’m a dead cert to bet on 👍 It is said […]

What are YOU deciding for yourself this year?

decision destiny

Well, if there was ever a good time to DECIDE this year is going to be a great year, it’s RIGHT NOW. I mean today, the first ‘proper’ working day of 2022 if we’re being honest, given we had a 4 day week last week and none of us were feeling particularly ‘back on it’, […]

The modern word for UNCOOL – are you down with the kids?


At the risk of being out of touch and uncool we’re passionate about the spoken word, here at First Impression Training. Well, truth be told, I am the one who’s forever waxing lyrical about a beautiful piece of writing or the lyrics of a ballad or what someone has to say about something they’re wildly […]

How positive is YOUR Voice of Customer


I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to a very important piece of writing recently, compiled by freelance journalist Jennifer Lane on behalf of CX insight gurus, Feefo. We all know that Voice of Customer (VoC) feedback is a critical success factor in determining our CX standing in the marketplace, although Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) […]

Customer Service lessons from the 18 Rules of Happiness

Follow the rules

If you haven’t watched this award-winning biographical film, starring the awesome Will Smith and his (then) young son Jaden, then where the hell have you been for the last 15 years!?  I think I’m on my 10th watch so far – and I’m not done yet because there are some great customer service lessons in […]

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