7 Super Secrets of Remarkable Customer Service

This special guide will help you transform your frontline staff into true brand ambassadors who astonish your clients with the excellent service they deliver.

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7 super secrets

First Impression Training (also known as FIT) specialise in developing the hidden gifts and talents of your frontline customer service and telesales teams, through tailor made learning & development solutions designed to enhance your customers’ experience.

Whether your team is just a handful of sales or customer service specialists or a 500+ seat call centre or multi-media contact centre operation, our innovative solutions will provide your people with the skills, techniques and behaviours guaranteed to enhance customer perception of your service.

Do you want to...

  • ...build a new telesales team or customer service centre from scratch into a high performing operation?
  • ...re-energise the performance of your existing inbound or outbound telesales team to achieve better results?
  • ...positively influence the behaviours of your people to become the truly memorable voice of your brand?
  • ...enjoy sustainable returns on your training investment?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then take a look below and click on your area of interest, because we can help you develop your people to deliver where it counts – to the bottom line!

Solutions for...

Customer Service Teams

Customer Service Teams

Empower your people to deliver great customer service and become true Brand Ambassadors on your frontline

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Telesales Teams

Telesales Teams

Enhance the skills, behaviours and performance of your inbound or outbound telesales teams

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Team Leaders

Team Leaders

Develop your Team Leaders & Managers to become the driving force in your frontline operation

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Trainers & Coaches

Trainers & Coaches

Build on the knowledge and skills of your Trainers & Coaches to guarantee your long-term success and return on investment

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Our Service Guarantee

We work to a set of key principles which underpin our training solutions and always aim to deliver on the same set of promises for each of our valued customers. The FIT Service Guarantee is summarised as follows.

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