Telephone Role Play Kits

They say that practice makes perfect – well now it’s easy too!

Telephone role-playing is a vital ingredient in upskilling your frontline call-handlers. Whether you’re managing inbound, outbound, sales or service teams FIT telephone role-play kits are an essential tool to help them develop winning call recipes to WOW your customers.

Designed specifically for contact centre trainers, freelance trainers, L&D managers, lecturers/teachers – in fact anyone who runs telephone skills sessions of any kind - these kits are highly effective both during induction training or as part of ongoing skills development.

The FIT role-play kits will help identify corrective reactions to situations whilst dramatically improving experience, confidence, telephone skills and product knowledge. You can also use role-play kits to spark brainstorming sessions, improve internal communications across teams and pin-point issues and challenges from group perspectives.

What is FIT role-play equipment?

Housed within their own travel cases these innovative, portable, laptop based telephone recording kits are ideal for telephone skills practice whether it be;

  • Handling Challenging Calls
  • Customer Service
  • Account/Customer Retention
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Induction and Upskilling
  • Debt collection skills
  • Telesales skills
  • Professional Telephone Excellence
  • ……in fact just about any scenario you can think of involving business via the ‘phone

Super Easy to Use

  • Simply plug your kit in any room, it only takes 5 minutes to set up and you’re ready to role-play.
  • No need for WiFi or servers
  • All handsets are cordless so you can split the group into different rooms up to 20 metres apart – great where space is a premium.
  • Available in 6 and 12 handset options.
  • Headsets to plug in for ‘handsfree’ operation is optional

FIT role-play kits are available to purchase outright or hire for adhoc sessions/events.