RISE UP System for business owners

Helping SMEs and Entrepreneurs show up and stand out

Are you:

  • Having trouble attracting and recruiting the right people to represent your brand?
  • Struggling to exceed customer expectations in order to improve your CSAT scores?
  • Trying in vain to save time and reduce costs by improving the customer journey and employee engagement?

Points of pain within your business can seriously hamper your business growth. After all, happy customers leads to enhanced reputation, brand loyalty and referrals.

What's important for SMEs and Entrepreneurs?

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Customer Retention

Leading to brand loyalty / improved CSAT scores / NPS / referrals

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Customer Acquistion

Leading to brand loyalty / improved CSAT scores / NPS / referrals

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Employee Experience

Leading to brand loyalty / cost savings on recruitment

So how can you resolve these issues?




The  RISE UP System for business owners is an end-to-end business process, where we work in partnership with you, to take you systematically through the 6-step model over a 6-month period, resulting in a world-class business map of what it takes to show up & stand out from others in your field, to become that Purple Cow in your industry!

Your investment

One-off payment of £5,000+VAT or 6 monthly installments of £999+VAT

Don’t miss out!

To ensure we remain fully committed and dedicated to our clients, we are only offering this opportunity to build The RISE UP System to: 10 BUSINESSES

So, if you want to be one of those 10 Purple Cows in 2022 and beyond or simply want to find out more about this uniquely designed, purpose-built system for business owners just like YOU, then….

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