Caring for Customers

A blended learning solution set to
change culture from the inside out

Blended Learning: Addressing the modern business landscape

The world was steadily moving towards a more flexible way of working when the global pandemic hit. In 18 months that all changed.

Microsoft Teams and Zoom are now firm household names and companies, big and small, are embracing the ‘new normal’.

This planet-shaking event has also encouraged organisations to look inwards, many now focusing on improving their company culture in order to become more customer centric.

To address this challenge, First Impression Training have designed, built & developed a unique and wholly Blended Learning Programme: Caring for Customers – From the Inside Out.

Read on to find out more.

More on our blended learning programme

Who is this programme for?

This programme is for YOU!

If you’ve made your way to this page then it’s probably because you recognise the unique opportunity you have at this time, to step up to the plate and raise your game, so that you SHOW UP & STAND OUT from your competition, as we all begin our transition into this new World of Work (WOW!)

Well, here at Team FIT, we can help you achieve EXACTLY THAT!

We are passionate about all things CX and from all perspectives – both within and outside of the organisation.  This fully blended learning programme is not just a fantastic route to improving your customers’ experience, it’s designed to create an entire culture shift – from the inside out!

To get ahead and stay ahead in your busy field, you not only need to win the hearts & minds of your Brand Ambassadors delivering the service, you need your whole organisation on board with culture change AND you all need to be on the same page!

That’s why we’ve created this programme to FIT with any company who wants to:

* Enhance their Customers’ Experience

* Increase employee engagement on their frontline

* Improve operational efficiency in order to reduce costs and increase revenues

Whether your team is large or small; office-based, hybrid or working solely from home, we’ll give you all the tools you & your people need to make your business a world-class deliverer of Customer Service in today’s ‘new normal’.

What will you gain?

So how does it work?

Change often only sticks when it comes from within, and that's undoubtedly the case when it comes to business culture. That's why we're taking a new approach with our ‘Caring for Customers – From the Inside Out’ blended learning programme.

By training Cohort Leaders from within your organisation FIRST, supported by a wide-ranging suite of online resources, we're putting your success firmly in your own hands.

This 16 week programme focuses on the core CX concepts that will truly make a difference to your customers’ experience, and we'll guide your team along the way with personal coaching, action planning and regular bitesize FIT BITS to keep them engaged and ensure a dynamic learning experience!

Take a look at the full programme outline below:

Blended Learning Image 01

Module Breakdown

Module 1 – Becoming a Service Legend

Why embracing the ‘Purple Cow’ philosophy is THE key to showing up & standing out from other organisations in your marketplace (or sector)

Module 2 – Attitude: The Vital Ingredient  

Boosters, ‘busters’ & handy hints for staying positive and in control

Module 3 – The psychology of Communication (Part I)

Visual Communication – sending the right message with body language, visual cues and first impressions

Module 4 – The psychology of Communication (Part II)

Verbal & Vocal Communication – the power of vocality and developing a language of influence

Module 5 – The Customer Service Toolkit

1% tips, techniques & ideas to ensure a 100% Customer Experience

Module 6 – Managing Difficult Conversation

Proven strategies to manage difficult customers &/or challenging conversations effectively

Module 7 – Active Listening Skills

Turn hearing into listening with these 10 simple tips & techniques

Module 8 – Effective Questioning Skills

Create conversation NOT interrogation with tried & tested questioning techniques

Module 9 – Rapport Skills

Building rapport with customers & colleagues & developing your own Emotional Intelligence

Module 10 – Effective Telephone Communication

First & last impressions COUNT – a winning call recipe for engaging with customers over the phone

Module 11 – Effective Written Communication

The 10 Golden Rules of ‘Netiquette’ – applying the learning to our Written Word

Module 12 – Personal Action Planning

Reviews, assessments & forward planning.