It's our 20th Valentine birthday 🎂 🎈

14 February 2021

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Yes, it's true.

First Impression Training was formally incorporated on 14th February 2001 and that makes every Valentines Day a little more special although, this year, love is really in the air as we celebrate our 20th birthday.

Can't quite believe where the time has gone - doesn't seem all that long ago we made our plans to leave corporate land with the salaries, cars and benefits and make that first leap of faith into the world of entrepreneurship as fledgling business owners. 

We've learned a LOT over the last 20 years and covered a huge amount of ground facing challenges, obstacles, successes and disappointments along the way but here we are still going strong and super-proud of all our achievements together.  So much so that we decided to put together a short collection of memories that we'd love to share with you in the video below.

MOST IMPORTANTLY, we wanted to ALSO share with YOU this Valentine’s Day, a gift from us for all the LOVE you’ve shown US over the years 💜

It’s 20 Valentine’s Day FIT Tips to show your customers some love, suitable for ANYONE who speaks to clients on a daily basis, crammed with easy to implement tools all on one PDF guide!  You can view it here.